Tech of the Dead

S1E0 - The Train Kept a Rollin'
The Night Everything Changed

You don’t know exactly how it started, few students started getting sick here, a few there, at first it just seemed like Flu season. Nobody seemed to be getting better though, the infection, whatever it was, was spreading at an alarming rate. Violence on campus began to rise and people began to disappear. By the time people realized that things had gone to shit, all you could do was watch it burn.

Whether by chance, paranoia, or divine providence, you’ve managed to survive the past few weeks holed up with a few other survivors in the rec building, a large, three story building that aside from the bookstore on the third floor and various activities rooms on the first, houses the school’s cafeteria on the second with enough non perishables to sustain the group the last few weeks, but supplies are running low.

Last night, you heard something you hadn’t heard since before this whole nightmare began: Wheels on the train tracks bisecting the town. From the second story window, you can see as the infected swarm the train, bodies pulled under, tearing the wheels from the tracks. Helpless to do anything aside from watch as the engine pulls from the tracks, careening into the highrise dorms, abandoned since last year. Flames from the wreckage reach into the night sky as the sun rises on what could be your final day on campus.


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