Keith Willis


Keith Willis
Mechanic supreme

Attributes: “Gear Monkey: Return of the Greasers!”

Reflexes – 1D

Coordination – 4D
Marksmanship (Pistols): 1D
Marksmanship (Rifles): 1D
Driving (General Vehicles): 1D

Physique – 2D
Lifting: 1D
Melee Combat: 1D

Knowledge – 4D
Create: 1D
Navigation: 1D
Repair (Firearms): 1D
Repair (General Vehicles): 1D

Perception – 2D
Search: 1D

Presence – 1D

Body – 32

Occupation: Mechanic

Relation to WVT: Helps the students in mechanics and engineering courses, has taken an apprentice once and is generally that one dude everyone knows.


Keith Willis

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